atendit makes sure you never forget 💩 again

get custom notifications the moment you open your door

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atendit: Inexpensive Security Alternative

Protect your family with instant, customized alerts from atendit.


How atendit Works

Easy Setup

 Attach the atendit sensor to any door or window with the removable tape on the back of the sensor, and download our app on iPhone or Android to get started.

Customize Notifications

 Alerts can be customized based on time of day, day of week, or for any date range. The app supports an unlimited number of alerts and sensors.

Get Alerted

When the atendit sensor detects motion, it instantly sends your customized notification to your phone.

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Atendit is Perfect for...

...Protecting your family

Get an alert to your phone, anytime day or night, the moment that the sensor detects motion. 

...Remembering what's important

Always forgetting something as you're coming and going from your home? Set a recurring reminder every time you open your front door, and never forget something at home again!