The atendit Sensor

A key component of the atendit system, the atendit sensor is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon that is custom programmed to briefly transmit information that identifies its location to your mobile phone. The atendit Sensor is activated when the door it is mounted on is moved.

The attractive blue atendit sensor is lightweight and comes with a removable mounting tab for easy and secure placement on your door.

Product Description

The atendit Sensor is a high-performance, customized Bluetooth V5.0 Low Energy Beacon with an accelerometer for advanced motion detection functionality. This small and rugged unit comes fully encapsulated with a resin based polymer for protection against dust and liquids and reliable use both indoors and outdoors in harsh environmental conditions.

Manufacturer Information

The atendit Sensor is contract manufactured and programmed by EM Microelectronic - Marin SA. Its programming has been custom tailored to match Did U Remember To LLC's specifications. This device has a line of site range of approximately 100 feet, it weighs 7 grams (1/4 ounce) and measures 32.3 X 22.3 X 5.3 mm ( 1.27 X .88 X .21 inches).