Did U Remember To LLC is a privately owned and funded company formed to pursue a unique idea, "atendit", a combining of a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon (sensor) and a mobile app to provide just-in-time notifications on the mobile phone, triggered by sensor detected activity. 

This basic idea has grown into a system with two IoT patents at its core, software maintained as trade secrets for the IOS and Android apps, with a registered trade name of "atendit".  The developed product has many reminder, notice, and security alert functions that today serve consumers and businesses alike worldwide.

atendit works by affixing the sensor to a door (or any object the user wants monitored), which when moved triggers a signal that the mobile phone app instantly processes, and if the user’s conditions are met, the user receives a previously personally defined notification.  For example, security alerts and reminders/notices like:

  • “(3:24 AM) someone just tried my apartment door – call 911”
  • “the rear warehouse bay door just opened”
  • “(11:27 PM) resident in room 107 left room”
  • “the gun cabinet door was just opened”
  • “(1:40 AM) car door just opened” 
  • “did you take your meds this morning”
  • “close the refrigerator door you’re on a diet
  • “a customer just came in the front door”

Unlike current security systems and timed reminder systems today, atendit® goes above and beyond in both flexibility and affordability!

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