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atendit® 200 Pak

atendit® 200 Pak

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A box of 200 individual consumer boxed atendit® sensors.

 *Please Note this product is only available to qualified resellers* 

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atendit is a product that can work in any market, in any country. Please contact us to learn more about our resellers agreement.

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The atendit system starts with the sensor

Goes anywhere

For easy placement each sensor includes a double-stick adhesive strip that is safe for most surfaces at home and at work

Small size

The sensor is about the size of two stacked US Quarters. It's lightweight and weather resistant so it can go just about anywhere

Long lasting battery

The sensor's battery is guaranteed for two years from purchase, but in our testing it lasts more than 3.8 years under normal usage conditions

Free app

Get the most out of atendit with our free app


atendit users continously suprise us with the creative ways in which they use atendit. Send us your ideas!

I’ve already recommended it to several people. I haven’t forgotten my meds in almost two weeks now. I look for other tasks to use this device with. It’s extraordinarily helpful, simple and discreet!

Amy B.